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Chris Reinhardt

What am i dealing with here ? that pic you.posted , ktm ? Notice how pipe doesn’t hang below frame/engine/shock linkage ? Why is that you think ? Just so happens that way ? I know your pro moto but seriously come on man !


I trying to figure out WTF you’re talking about!!!

“Ok . simply put. No point building the fastest 125 pipe if you mash it on the ground or with the front wheel after your first big suspension hit is there ?”

I raced motocross for 10 years, I never bent or saw anybody bend a pipe from a front wheel hitting it?????  Or from “mashing it on the ground”????  Bent in a crash, dented from roost, absolutely….

And what does any of this have to do with karts Mal????

Getting back to my point, 55hp “IF” and a big “IF” were possible in a 125 kart motor, it would great on a dyno, but try and drive it on a 1/2 mile sprint track….

Chris Reinhardt

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