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John Matthews

-snip_. I have a 206 and seem that people are buying in, but when the next generation 206 hits the market (next year?), will it be a clone/flathead situation all over again-snip-

Not gonna happen, Briggs doesn’t have the motivation that those other guys (aftermarket suppliers) have to keep you buying more/different stuff. IMHO it was the LACK of legal aftermarket stuff in Briggs Animal that made those other guys want the clone.

WKA Stock Animal rules have been very stable for a long time, the biggest change was allowing aftermarket con-rods and you can figure out why that happened pretty easy. With the exception of the PVL flywheel different Animal generations have only added reliability, not performance.

Briggs has been very clear from the start about why the build the LO206, the point is to have as equal a platform as possible to help build the sport. True, most racers won’t go on to regional or national competition. There are many different reasons for this and I bet money isn’t the main one for the majority.