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David Cole

Ok, so you race Clone. That’s club level. There is no class for you at the national and regional level because that is what clone is about, or was to be about – the hobby racer. And yes, tire is the biggest expense if you are not traveling. It’s a common thing to use up old tires on practice day to help save costs.

Regional and national events are for those who want to race against the best. Otherwise, what would be the point. National events is a mix of people. Those who are the best and those that can afford it. Some fit into both categories, some just one.

Is it fun? Of course, why else would people be going. To see 40 karts take the green flag is an amazing site. When I go to a race, I love to just watch from the sidelines.

I don’t fully understand how you grow without broadening the market.

Not sure I understand what you mean here?

David Cole - EKN Managing Editor