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David Cole

Why would someone want to go from club, to regional and then to the national level? Competition. For some, club level racing is not a challenge, or they continue to win race after race. What’s the next step? Regional and national racing.

What do you currently race Paul? It appears you race at Pittsburgh International Race Complex?

I don’t understand how racing a national event is 4-times your budget. If a class is the same as your club class, you should just have to buy tires and go race. That’s the type of progression it appears we need to help build back up for 4-cycle racing.

The LO206 is a great start, as anyone can get a motor, put it on a kart and go racing. The only difference for rules right now are the spec tires at different tracks. That happens in all classes, except maybe Rotax racing.

For a club driver, there is no need to spend $5k on new equipment each year. Can you? Sure. There is no limit to what a racer can buy.

Karting is budget racing. No matter your budget, you can race. If it’s $1000 or $100,000, there is a place to go.

David Cole - EKN Managing Editor