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Paul Hir

Perhaps someone can clarify the progression club-regional-nationals, and why someone would be motivated to do this? Even when there were national events at my local track, I did not race because it would require my entire budget for the season times 4 (for one day). More than likely, I would be a backmarker, because I think there is such a differential in commitment and money. Clone hit it big because people dusted off their old chassis and put a $100 motor on their kart. As mentioned above every local track had different rules, whether it is an AKRA or WKA motor it changed yearly. What I found to be the biggest detractor and what ended up killing clone was all the manufacturers pushing people to continually buy items during the season. I have a 206 and seem that people are buying in, but when the next generation 206 hits the market (next year?), will it be a clone/flathead situation all over again. How are you supposed to grow a sport when you have to spend $5k+ in new equipment each year? Look at what Chumpcar and Lemons racing has done, they have bigger followings then SCCA and NASA which have been around for years, all based upon budget racing, why can’t karting do that?