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Dave Holstein

I run 20:1 ratio in the class I’m in so it makes it easy, 2 16oz bottles of oil in 5 gallons for a perfect 20:1 so I’m kinda spoiled in that department.

Yes you will still need a bead breaker, in fact, depending on the brand of tires (and sometimes rims) all you need is a bead breaker, once the bead is broken the tire can be dismounted by hand, again depending on the brand.  My class runs Hoosier which are very easy to mount and unmount by hand, Bridgestone however is a major PITA.  But a tire tool can make life a little simpler.

Carb and brake cleaner is up to you, just choose a quality brand and you will be fine.

Get a good tire gauge, tire pressure is one of the most important tuning items there is, so a good 0 to 30 Psi gauge will be needed, in at least 1/2 psi increments is nice.

as with anything else you will find out by karting itself.

but a short list would be:

Zip ties

Dead blow hammer

Vise Grips


Tin Snips

i could go on and on.

hope this helps some