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Shannon Lee

I can shed some light on this after some research over the past week or so. Jeff – I’m not sure about the paper weight comment as the Maxjet is nothing more than software so if someone was selling software without a license on Ebay I’m sure the buyer could get a refund. They also make a weather pod called RaceJet and it is not a paper weight if that’s what you are referring to as there is not an unlock code to use it and never was. the Maxjet software that has to be unlocked just integrated with it but was not required. I have one and it works and gives weather data, fairly accurate from what I can tell as it shows the same data as my other weather station.

As for the Maxjet – what I have found is that the servers are offline which would be a guarantee that the company is closed and the software is no longer supported. With that said you can install the software and click the 14 day trial and use the software as many times as you want. It appears that the software does a check sum on a server that no longer exists to count days/uses. With that server offline you can use the software without expiration. Now before anyone goes on about using software without a license I never said I was as the software is out of date with no way to update it and I doubt I would tune my Rotax based off of it as there have been revisions since and are no longer available. Jet-Tech is about the only way to go for software from what I can tell.