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Robert Lawson


I had a change of heart.

Figured what do I have to lose…..and I started the repair of the engine cases. In my mind it’s scrap, if it doesn’t work it did cost anything but my time. Did the prep, knocked the dislodged bit of the case back in place and took it to Tony Cantenaro to let him finish it off….or not. It’s ugly but it’s in one piece again. Part 1 complete!

Tomorrow after Church it’s out to the garage to tear it down and try to repair the damage to the inside. If I’m able to keep the oil and water separate part 2 will be complete. The gasket surface will need some work due to the welding and if that goes ok part 3 will be accomplished.

Part 4: we seal it up and give each void a pressure check.

If it makes it that far we might just have a ride for Grattan after all!!!! With that said, I don’t expect this to work because it was damaged so severely.

Must say thanks to those whom offered engines and full rides, the karting community never ceases to amaze. You guys are awesome, I am truly grateful!!!

We’ll surely be there, just not sure what it is we’ll be driving yet.

I’ll keep updating ya.