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Steve Baker


The LO206 should be looking very attractive these days for all club tracks for entry level racing. At price levels in the $600.00 to $750.00 for complete race ready packages I can imagine healthy growth levels are in the near future. Again we just need all the great lakes region tracks to commonize on these types of classes and specs. When tracks have classes that combine flat heads, clones, animals & LO206 all racing together with the thought this will promote large entry classes with no chance of making the competition level equal it actually limits the kart counts. Racers like to compete in large classes with equal class rules and engine packages. Just remember back in the common flat head days, everybody had them and you could race anywhere in the country.The LO206 is now the lowest cost 4cycle entry level engine package available and then for the advanced level racer the WKA Animal Pro Gas is still very low cost in the $850.00 to $975.00 price range for packages as compared to the Animal Alky for $1500.00+ and the daily increasing cost of the BP clone in the $1000 + range. In addition to lower cost of the Animal LO206 and Pro Gas packages the once a year rebuilds are all that is required.