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Mike Clark


No sir, not yet. Out of our karting team we have 3 business owners and a 10 yr old. So 75% of us understand the trials of running a business. I also have the patience of a vulture. Zero contact from them. That is odd because before purchasing they took the time to answer my questions. I am going to try having a friend email them to see of they get a response.

My hopes are it will resolved within a week &  somehow I just happen to be the one guy that slipped through the cracks.

Everything was going fine until I got this on the 15th:<span><span style=”font-family: Arial;”>
You may be aware of the recent coverage in the press concerning the ‘Heartbleed Bug’ which compromises security software. No such vulnerability exists on own systems. Our hosting company however, although certain that they had no vulnerability decided to ‘patch’ and re-established the servers we use for our website and email services during a scheduled upgrade to the hardware. This operation has caused some disruption to our normal communications but is now complete.

We apologise for any inconvenience or concern that this may have caused. As a result of these processes, we have a backlog of emails and activations on which, we are working hard to complete. If you are awaiting a response to an activation, these will be completed by this evening. If you are awaiting a response to an email or enquiry, we will reply as quickly as possible<span> <span>and we hope to have the backlog cleared by <span>tonight</span>.</span> </span>

Please be assured that we do not hold any personal information of our customers or website visitors on-line or on our servers other than your email address and, if you are registered for our customer pages, the password that you registered with.  All our financial transactions are processed by PayPal, not on our servers – we never see or process any financial information from our customers. In line with industry recommendations regarding the ‘Heartbleed Bug’, we would advise that you change all your important passwords.

For further information, the following links may be of help:

About the ‘Heartbleed Bug’:

http://www.cnet.com/uk/news/<wbr />heartbleed-bug-what-you-need-<wbr />to-know-faq/

PayPal  (www.<span>p</span>aypal.com):

https://www.paypal-community.<wbr />com/t5/PayPal-Forward/OpenSSL-<wbr />Heartbleed-Bug-PayPal-Account-<wbr />Holders-are-Secure/ba-p/<wbr />797568?profile.language=en#

Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Phil<span class=”HOEnZb”><span style=”color: #888888;”>