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John Matthews

Good points by all.

When my wife and I moved up to NW Lower Michigan in 2009 I had hoped to do some racing and support 4 cycle racers here in the midwest. Having watched from the sidelines now for 4 years my business is finally in a place where I could get away for a weekend or two but where to run. I agree that tracks where the owner tries to keep everything to themselves are just plain dumb, the only way to grow is keeping rules the same among all clubs. I’ve been told I will be welcome at ELKT with my LO206 (won’t race a clone for a bunch of reasons) but it would be great if they would put it on their class list so others could see it’s an option.

IMHO, every club should offer LO206 as an entry level/sportsman class. Racers should also boycott anyone that tries to change the rules around to suit their own desires, we need a stable platform that will let you travel anywhere without the hassle of needing to run different engines, weights, or tires. We also need a few people with money to step up and build new tracks to replace ones that have shut down but that’s another story.

While I would like to see more/better regional series it’s never gonna happen without strong local programs that encourage new participants.

Briggs has stepped up in a very real way with the LO206, now it’s up to the clubs, track owners, and organizers to work together to build participation.


John Matthews
Heartbeat Power