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James McMahon

Top guys in S1 are getting lots of seat time too, you guys make it sound like the S1 folks are living on Ramen noodles or something haha.
Fore is running a DDR CR125, so he’ll just come and drive. Same as Simas did at the nats a while back.. As much as one might say you need A Tec-Sav etc in KZ (I think thats a classic case of perception > reality, but anyway), you have the same perception in S1. Not to mention the 2001 cylinder debacle.

It’ll be interesting to see how Fore and the others adapt to the track in comparison to their S1 peers. I was planning on being there for Sunday but looks like I won’t make it this time around.

I don’t think either camp will walk away with it, but then Fore has pulled some majestic stuff out of nowhere in the past.