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Shannon Lee

Thanks for the tips John. I’ve been keeping my eye open on training session or coaching seminars to open at my local track (GoPro Motorplex). The guys at KartSportNA have been a huge help and I’m slowly but surely learning the ropes. I was lucky enough to get some driving and setup help from the iKart crew at the USPKS round one race, top notch group over there. I’m slower than the other TAG guys on track but holy moly am I having fun! Which for me as a recreational karter is the most important part. Luckely, I haven’t had to change anything jet wise on the Rotax and I have run in the heat, cold, and cold/rainy day. I’m loving the Rotax so far! I will try to pick the brains of some local karters on their setup and tuning methods the next time I am at the track.