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Robert Lawson

I just couldn’t wait until the weekend. So I took an in depth peek……

Personally, when my kart is…..wounded, I can’t think straight! It truly is like a child, a creation that I know every little inch of.

It looked promising….at first. The problem was at the engine not the rad. After removing the engine I found catastrophic damage!

The Monday after the test date we got some very cold weather. The garage was full with Rich’s kart project and the transitional/seasonal junk as usual. I didn’t off load the karts and didn’t pay much mind to the weather.

The water froze in the cases, expanded and cracked the case on the very bottom of the engine. It lost all the water and the gearbox oil as well. It’s much worse than it sounds, if that’s possible… not only is it cracked but it pushed one side of the case down enough to expose about half the width of the mating surface. Simply welding it is not an option, at least not in time for the event in a few weeks. Because the crack starts at the seam and travels east/west from the north/south mating surface of the right and left halves it will need to be completely disassembled and machining done. Welding this material is not going to be favorable, we all know the quality of these types of castings.

I have a back up engine, it’s the previous homologation (VL125) and is not nearly as strong as this model (RVS). We ran it last year in July at Grattan and it was considerably down on power, revs, and more importantly lap time! To make this model compatible with the RVS would take quite a bit of machining to the intake tract and reed cage/carb boot mounting area.

So, in a nut shell, I’m finished. At least for awhile. Too bad, I was convinced we had a package that would run with the National guys next month.

I will try to be there in support!!!! We have to keep the chin up and march on….right???

The vintage Hartman may make a come back much sooner than I expected!!!!!!