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Mike Clark


Thanks for the reply.

I sent in the keycode on April 14th.

I have checked my email spam/junk folders and am aware of the 6 hr difference etc.

My last personalized email from Colin was on April 2nd. I received a “Service Disruption” email on April 15th and have not gotten any response to any of my emails since. I feel not hearing from them is not characteristic of how they were prior to the 15th. We did have Easter in there. I don’t know if they are on vacation, at a big race, ill or whatever. I did call and leave a voice message just in case my emails are blocked on their end. I also sent a PM here to John. He has not been on here since.

They are obviously a legitimate company that is capable of providing a quality product. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and hope to have the software installed and working soon. I am at a loss for an explanation on why it hasn’t happened yet. I am keeping my faith in them though.


Mike Clark