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Steve Baker

The current number of entries at all the 4 cycle sprint tracks in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana that follow the gold cup offered classes is zero. So even at all the local club tracks they are not and have no plans to feed the gold cup series. A properly managed WKA divisional series in the northern area would only help support the gold cup series. I know a lot of racers that want to race the next higher level of racing competition that they cannot get currently at the local club track venues. Maybe this would be different if all the local area club tracks would support WKA with the gold cup classes, but they do not! In fact some of the track owners I have talked to like to keep the rules unique and different than WKA so their little group of racers will stay with them and not want to travel and not race at there track.
Another good example is the last gold cup race at Jacksonville had about 290 entires and I can count on 1 hand how many of those racers came from the great lakes area. They came mostly from the area of the country that have WKA 4 cycle divisonal series, Florida, Georgia , Maryland and New York, not Ohio, Michigan or Indiana!