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Robert Lawson


I apologize, somehow I missed your post.

The DKC will have 3 days of great weather I’m sure!!!!!!

My guess is you’ll be treated to some clouds & sun with temps in the 70’s. Passing precip will not slow the pace of the racing or the racers!!!!!!!

Won’t try to predict winners but I have a feeling we’ll see some tight races in all formulas. Jerry and Wayne looked as if their specific packages were running very well. I had a good day too, ran very competitive times with no grip at all. A few of the CIK guys were gettin’-it as well.

The locals will be ready!!!!

Had a bit of a set back, was going to pull the kart out of the trailer and clean it up and noticed quite a bit of water on the floor tray. The expansion bottle was empty so it’s certainly not a good problem. We’ll look into it this weekend and see if it can be fixed in a hurry.

Got a few weeks to go, hope everyone will make it out.