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Jim Derrig

Then production on the Original Leopard stopped and in came the 09 Leopard.  Forced upon the US and we had to simply adapt.  Now IAME has stopped producing the Leopard and is exporting the X30. The original IAME built engines for the US Market, not the other way around.  (The rules were basically 100cc’s for $100) Ever since, they have been dumping whatever they want on us every 3 years or so.

[edit:  for some reason the system says Greg wrote the above although Bernie clearly did]

Sorry, not buying is one.  Where did you get that the Leopard no longer is made?  I can still buy a brand new one.  As for the 2009 upgrade, it wasn’t “forced” on anyone, as you can still buy new parts for an old model Leopard and I’m not aware of a single karting body that required a switch to the 2009.

I don’t think the X-30 is a Leopard replacement.  It’s an attempt to respond to the lower revs, less vibration, and longer service intervals of IAME’s chief competitor, Rotax.   It’s hardly being “forced” on anyone.  It’s an option to the Leopard, designed to grab some market share from Rotax.

I’m not seeing any planned obsolescence conspiracy theories here, and I don’t see how IAME has the market share or organization to “force” anything on anyone.