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Chad Harrington

Thanks David, I’m looking for the detailed technical regulation but cannot find it.  Even on the WSK and CSAI sites.

When cadets have to carry a lot of ballast, is it normal to force all of it to be bolted to the seat? Or can it go to other places like the front or side of the frame, as long as it is all bolted down very securely?  Some cadets have as much as 45 lbs of ballast and there’s almost no place to put it, the seat becomes very overloaded and on a bumpy track the bolt holes get worn and the area around the bolt holes gets weakened from all the vibration of these heavy weights.  The seat wears out very fast and starts to crack.

We need to convince my ASN that it is safer to distribute the ballast a bit better, but they keep saying no and referring us to the CIK master regulations without providing us the document or .  But I cannot find any master regulations for cadet racing or Mini 60 racing!!

Can anyone help?