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Bernie Baldus

Hi Greg,

I don’t think this is going to save the Karter any money.   This probably is not any better for Karting than paying higher taxes.  And there isn’t much we can do about either.

I guess we will see won’t we.  But most interesting to me will be what will happen to the Komet KPV??????

The Leopard is basically gone, but we can see from History what IAME is doing.  Tags came in around 2003.  Lots of engines came in,  rules were put in place, and the Leopard was a good motor and got most of that market share.  Then production on the Original Leopard stopped and in came the 09 Leopard.  Forced upon the US and we had to simply adapt.  Now IAME has stopped producing the Leopard and is exporting the X30.

The original IAME built engines for the US Market, not the other way around.  (The rules were basically 100cc’s for $100)

Ever since, they have been dumping whatever they want on us every 3 years or so.  This is why there are a lot more Karts with Yamahas, Briggs and Clones in the US than IAME products.  IAME has left all the importers holding the bags with inventory on obsolete products.  IAME has left the US karter holding the bag on motors where production was replaced by a “slightly” better product.  (Have they ever fixed that starter issue?)

According to my Dad, George Russell used to sell motors from his shop at little or no profit because he knew he would make $15 a piston.   Long term thinkers is what we need!