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Bill Cox

Well done NCK!  What a courageous decision to try this joint event with the big cars…and you made it work very smoothly.

Having us pit together in the West Paddock was insightful!  Being close together for information flow…encouragement…assistance…and having the grid/scales right there, too, was excellent!  I was dreading pushing the kart on the stand to/from the track entry.

Everyone played nice…it can be done!  The fast drivers made it by me safely and I was able to get by the few slower karts that I passed without running any off the track, too.

The only change you may want to think about: Maybe the 3rd practice can be split into fast karts (superkarts and shifters); slower karts; each gets 1/2 the session time.  I only got one clean fast lap in the 3rd practice session before catching slower karts.  Just my opinion.

No complaints about the day!  Well…except maybe that wind…