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Greg Nelson

Q Ham, Riccardo, Vettel

1-JD Gomez (+4) 173
2-P Hir (+3) 167
3-L Andrews (+3) 152
4-J Derrig (+4) 154
5-G Dzielinski (+4) 150
6-G Nelson (+3) 110
7-F Brun-Wibuax (+4) 100
8- J Martin (0) 82
9-K McHale (0) 0
We have 5 picking Rosburg for his second win, 3 for his teammate Hamilton to win and one with Vettel getting his first. Does Riccardo get his first? Maybe Alonso? Can the Merc and Red Bull teammates play nice and follow orders or will they take each other out? With only a 10% chance of rain, it’s going to benefit drivers who do seem to have a handle on the wet yet and the start could see again some huge passing and maybe a big wreck to jumble up everything. Maybe Massa jumps forward and gets a podium? Can the Iceman get it together with a 2 stop race and take the fight to the front with avoiding the start carnage? I’m not staying up, so I’ll wait to watch the DVR. Good luck everyone, and Welcome McHale.