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Gary Smith

Hi Berkeley,

This has happened to me before, I’ll bet the stud that pulled out has short threads on one end and longer threads on the other end, with the short length of thread in the hub. These studs should measure aprox. 34mm long with 10mm thread length on the short end and 20mm length on the long end. I have found a 40mm long stud with 10mm thread x 8mm thread , drilled and re-tapped the hub, and every thing is good. I have a mill in my garage and able to keep every thing straight.

After this has happened twice, I now pull the studs out any hubs that I acquire, and replace them with  38mm long studs with 17mm thread length on each end. If the threaded hole is not deep enough in the hub I drill and tap them to accept the stud, of course using blue Loctite to finish the job once and for all.


#55 Honda CR80