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Robert Lawson

Kelly, and others that “do”…..we don’t do it for the “Thanks You’s” but they do help the motivation!!!!

As always I forgot a bunch of folks that deserve a Thanks….

Bob Cole towed them in…
Larry Rumsey provided a ride….
Kenny Lawson (took an HOUR for B-fast!) got the coffee and signed them in ….
Rich Lawson (no kart) helped everyone in need….
Frank & Shawn Dawley supported anyone whom asked….
The Farr family also came out just because!!!!

The Fassen family allowed us to use their backyard, the EMT’s and corner personnel kept us safe and all the participants used there heads! Thanks to all of you for making it possible.

We had a small group of “new to karting” visitors that stumbled upon us and will return for the National to see and learn more, guys that have not been out came back to smell the fuel and caught the itch, karts resurrected as new packages with renewed drivers……

You get the picture. No, it wasn’t a big event with record numbers but we did what we could and got blessed with a decent day! It wound some folks up and got us some well needed attention.

There are those that do, and those that do not. It really is up to US as individuals to keep Road Racing as we know it alive. As the Original “MAN” Kenny D once said: “If 1 guy doesn’t make it, it’s a lesser event.” That has become very pronounced in this day and age, we have to stick together.

On that note we really missed our comrade (even if he is a Buckeye!) Scott Lowenstein. Unfortunately, like Rich, his kart was not complete.

Although coming out to watch or just to socialize was free on Saturday it sure was a good feeling to see folks in groups watching from different areas of the track. YES, I did see you out there watching while trying to stay on the black stuff!!!!!!!

I’m going to do my best to make M-O as a driver for the first time in 8 years. At worst, I will buy a pass and show up to help whomever I can and the DKC as well.

You never know when things may change and take all of this from us. Put in the effort, even if just to support your friends!

Brian, Mitch, Linda & family, Kelly and your “fans”……we look forward to having you guys and anyone else who may be able to make it supporting our local road course! We’ll try to do the same!!!!

I may have cleared $100, which looked good in the envelope on Sunday! :)

If that is all I ever get from it……it’s worth the trouble. (Ehhh, just don’t tell the Wife!)