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Robert Lawson

Thanks Linda,

I’ve been around this hobby of ours for a few years and really look up to the long term families like yours that keep plugin away year after year. It isn’t easy, obviously, we have seen soooo many families and individuals come and go. Recently we have seen a couple come back!!!!

There is only 1 “Man” and I have no problem bowing out to Kelly. He is a full throttle wide open guy that will do anything to get folks out to the track and involved. And passion??? I can’t match his level!!!!!

We had a young man come by and ask about a metric bolt or 2. My brother took care of it as I was busy swapping out parts but I did hear them offer to pay for it. When it comes to nuts and bolts, and we have something they need, as trivial as that……we give it away. It’s the culture we like to create and be a part of. Were all in it together!!!!

This time around I took Sam’s (track manager) advice and let them pull the strings and run the program. Glad I did because it allowed me to help many other guys get going and run more laps than I really needed. They even cooked the food for me!!!!!!!! (sorry, I forgot to send the coolers down with the food!!!)

I must give a HUGE shout out to Frank Dawley. He got out of bed Friday night to answer his phone and agree to my desperate request. I was at the track (3 hours from home) and forgot a side panel for my kart! He gratiously picked it up from my front porch on his way out……to WATCH!!!!!!

That may sound like a once in a life time favor from a good friend, right? Welp, back 10 years ago or so I need him to do THE EXACT SAME THING…..except it was a tail piece. He came through that time too, it’s why I called him this time.

Frank, today….JUST today…..you are “The MAN”!!!!!!!!!

We now refer back to Kelly…….