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Robert Lawson

Glad everyone made it there safely!

Not sure what happened to the weather, even at 5am this morning it was still a solid sunny forecast.

It warmed quickly but then got overcast. After lunch we got a heads up that rain was coming from Chicago over the lake and should arrive near the end of the day. Unfortunately it came earlier, between 2:30 & 3!

The dry track was extremely slick as we were the first to turn laps in 2014. In the wet…..forget it. A few continued but it did come down harder and ended the day early. We did get very long green flag runs to that point, it was a free for all out there!!!!!

The guys I spoke with were satisfied, as was I. Continuing all day would have just put more time on the engine with a slick surface. My program was complete with the first run after lunch. It was good fun turning the kart with the rear, especially after getting the chassis tuned for that condition. It didn’t make for great lap times but as mentioned all the testing was finished.

The track is in good shape, it always is in the Spring. The new bathrooms were a HUGE success as everyone agreed they were very well done. Going to show the Wife the video so we can make plans for May/July to weekend there with the dogs! She really didn’t like going out there simply because the potty was less than attractive. So that is good news for sure.

The National is just a month away so make plans to join us!

Hope everyone made it back home safe, thanks for coming out and we’ll see you next month!!!!!!