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Robert Lawson


I was just going to wish everyone a safe ride out, then decided to check that forecast 1 last time……

Are you all sitting down?????

The overnight low (for those hanging with us Friday night) is 55.
Saturday were still on track to see partly sunny skies BUT…..the high is now 73!!!!!!!!!!

Chance of precip down to 10% with a wind out of the South at 14mph.

So, I’ll be applying for all local weather jobs here in the Detroit area!!!!! :)

Can you believe it????? An absolute miracle! Perfect conditions for an afternoon with friends!!!!

Our epic long trek from January to now turns out better than anyone could have expected. I do have a few guys coming that still have 2 feet of snow on the ground at their homes. THEY will enjoy this most of all.

Safe trip to all, look forward to letting everyone know ALL DAY LONG just how right the Maestro is!!!!!!

Move over Kelly, there is a new “MAN” in town!!!!!!!!

Love it when a plan comes together!

See ya’ll Saturday,