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Mark Sink

Hi Rodney,

I have just come across NCCAR and Woodbridge Kart Club information.  Did not even know NCCAR existed.  I see that the Woodbridge kart club has a ‘<span style=”font-family: GillSans; font-size: 9pt; font-weight: bold; line-height: 1.5em;”>Fun Finale’ </span>event is time permits.  I am new to karting, don’t race (no class for me here) but would like to participate in the Fun Finale event if possible.  I have a 100c KPV-4/3.  Will this be an option at this event?  Will you be running the full course for the Fun Finale?  I probably don’t have the gearing for a 2 mile straight.  If this is an option, do you have a suggestion for gearing for allowing the KPV to hit its top speed on this track?

I think my engine might hit peak TQ at 12,400 and peak HP at 13,300.  Educated guess. I’m pretty sure that gearing for any vehicle is perfect for top speed if the tach is sitting at max HP RPM and your speed is constant. (no longer able to accelerate).


Anyway, I read thru some of your club info and was extremely impressed with you guys!

Thanks Rodney,