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Mike Clark


I will add to what Tony said.

Check that your brake tether allows full travel. We had one that would prevent the brake from fully operating. Make sure your throttle returns and doesn’t bind. Wheels falling off – don’t be that guy. The center of the front hub should be clipped or safety wired. My policy when working on someones kart is they final tighten all wheel fasteners.

Check to see if your track has a rookie orientation. Don’t be afraid t let the other drivers know you are the rookie. Worst case is you will know something of there attitude and more than likely they will give you good advice.

Read the track rules. Know the flagging and procedures of the track you are on.

Make sure you enter the track at pit out and are going in the right direction. It happens. Raise hand before slowing off pace, exiting track or when you have spun, are sitting still or reentering track. If you do have to get out of the kart try to keep it between you and oncoming traffic. If you get tired get off and take a break. It is better to be too slow and build speed than to go too fast and have a short day. Look ahead! You probably can’t look too far ahead. If you find corners coming up too fast that can be a sign you need a break.

Watch your hydration and don’t forget to eat. I like to pack my gear in a modular fashion. Anything you can do at home before you head out to the track should be done ahead.

Make sure you have your emergency contact info available just in case anything happens.

Best of luck to you and enjoy your outing.