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Joe Bowen

Tony covered it pretty well but I’ll share my experience as last weekend was my very first kart race weekend. I lost track time by not having my steering wheel to stem bolts wire tied, like Tony said that stuff isn’t fun to do at the track luckily I had long enough spare bolts to just double nut the three bolts. Second was being new and not fully understanding when to be staged on the grid and ready for practice I missed one of my practice sessions. All this was first day and on my own mistakes and after day two I feel pretty good about what’s going on. Also take the time to learn exactly where to enter pit lane, park your kart stand while on track and where to exit pit lane I just watched a few heats to see what everyone else was doing. Most important thing is have fun and don’t be discouraged, I left the track after my first day feeling like I was in over my head but now I’m going into it with a lot of really good goals I want to reach!