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tony zambos


Welcome to the sport. I suppose anyone on the forun can give you a list of things. But I’ll start.

Make sure your gear is ready. Besides the kart, your personal equipment, helmet, suit, gloves, shoes, rib protector and neck brace if you track requires one.  For the kart, make sure it’s safe. Know what needs to be saftety wired or clipped.  That’s mainly the steering components, spindles, tie rod ends, steering wheel, king pins.  You don’t want to be drilling bolts or nuts at the track. Make sure the brake pedal is NOT soft or goes soft. Make sure all the bolts are tight. Tie wrap the brake pedal to the front nerf and try to turn the wheels. they shouldn’t turn. Bring just about every tool you have used to work on the kart including a tire pressure gauge.  Consider having an air tank if one is not available at the track. But if put 20 lbs in each tire the night before, you should be good for most of the day since you’ll be letting out air as the day warms. Bring tie wraps plus electrical and duct tape, chain lub, gas and oil plus a measuring cup for the oil, rags or paper towels. Eventually you have to put together a box of spare nuts, bolts and washers. Bring a spare battery for you gauge or any other electronic device you might have.

Past the pit wall is out of my domain.  But find out a how novice kart should be marked. At some tracks, an X on the back number place will work.  I’ve heard that you should hold a consistant line around the track and the faster guys will pass you cleanly. Finally, bring  water and sun block.

No need to pack a good time as you’ll find one at the track.

P.S. A Safety tether might be needed from the brake master cylinder lever to the brake pedal.

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