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mark waller

Ok Brad, I’m good with 395 lbs.  Prefer to not go any higher though.  On a road course I doubt a guy would be handicapped even running at 405 lbs.  Hope is to get some additional guys who run Stock Honda sprint stuff to come out and see how fun a road course is with a stock moto.  Many (like us) have 30 mm frames, run mostly sprint, and try to avoid too much extra weight on the frames.  My driver is 160 lbs and the more weight we add the sooner I’ll have to see the chiropractor.  Re rules it should be stock.  Stock ignition, piston, one of the two approved carbs, pumparounds,

etc.  Pipe should be somewhat open?  Let’s get the word out that we can make this class happen.  Like Chris Hegar had requested some time back, it would be nice to have scheduling so a racer can run both stock honda and modified if he wants.  At any rate Kelly, I’m good for the sponsorship for Topeka’s stock honda class.