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Kelly Read


There will be a small vendor fee!!!   LOL


As of now, a 125 stock honda runs in the SPRINT 125 SHIFTER class. This is all 125 sprint shifters. FYI, we currently have a few stock hondas that run in this class and WIN.

As for the KART road race nationals October 3-5, 2014 @ HPT. Being one who puts that schedule together, if there is enough interest in ANY particular class that KART does not offer and someone asks to add it, we normally add them as long as we don’t get into having to add to many races to the daily schedule.  We currently have room in our current schedule that we can add some classes to those races and not cut practice time which we don’t like to do.

As for a SPRINT STOCK HONDA class at HPT. I have had a few people request it (Chris Hegar as 1). The feedback that I have been getting is that adding this class would allow those racers who run a stock honda to be able to run both classes if the schedule allowes to split them into different races which gives them a place to run twice a day, this I can do!!!! I do ask that if we do add classes, that those who ask for a class, to help get class sponsors which is a must for me to add classes. All classes run for the same awards as what the normal KART classes do so this is why sponsors are needed.

Anyone can look at our current schedule we use for our series and get a pretty good idea on how the HPT schedule would be. From it, we work with adding classes to those current races if possible. Also, we normally have 1 -2 races at the end of Friday practice for certain local option classes. Usually are 1 – 30 & 1 –  45 minute race.

Everyone can expect a post here on EKN around June – July asking if there are any classes racers would like to see added at our nationals @ HPT. I would expect at least a minimum of 6 per class and a class sponsor ($200,00) before adding any classes.

KART may not be the largest but, KART does everything possible to give the racer a place to run COMPETITVE. PLUS, KART has some of the toughest competition!!!!!!