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Jeff Clarke

Thought I’d post my observations after installing on a CRG Road Rebel. I used the Sharkshifter mount which has room for 3 spacers between case and mount. To make clearance between the starter cover and my large Tillett seat I wanted to move the engine as far outboard possible.  However, I could only fit one spacer on the inboard side, and 2 on the outboard side in order to maintain clearance between the chain and third bearing mount bolt heads.  I looked into low profile bolts there but that doesn’t save enough space to move one more spacer over. I suppose to maximize clearance you could make your own spacers but either way, the front of the seat must move to avoid the starter cover. Makes me wonder if the cover could have been made a bit shorter since every little bit counts to make it fit. If only my ass was narrower!

That said, everything in the kit is of excellent quality and it works like a champ. The battery that comes with it is a Li Ion deal thats incredibly light.  Its a very slick setup.

Yes, its not necessary, but its damn nice to have. I’ll have to scale again to see what this has done to my weight distribution but since the seat movement is largely in the front hopefully its not too bad.