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Daniel White

Daniel, I’m wondering where you’re getting this 165 number?
I posted almost the same question in general discussion and the number I was given was 200lbs to be a good start.
My chassis is crg 32/32 with 25mm spindles and I’ll end up running a plastic rear bumper, but I can’t see it adding up to 35lbs, even if you’re using old style bodywork.


I have to admit that even though I’ve had my karts scaled and balanced. I can’t recall the weight of an empty kart, and am just using some rudimentary math.

My first kart was a Sodi-Rotax, and the tubes were all 32mm and the stub axles were 25mm. I weighed 185 with gear. To come across the scales at 365, which is Rotax Sr weight, I had to add 5 lbs of lead to the kart, plus I usually ran with about a gallon of fuel (8 lbs). 365-185-5-8= 167, which is 159 without fuel.

Now I’m in Tonykart-Yamaha, and the minimum weight is 360. I have to add 15 lbs lead to my 187 (I’ve gained a bit of weight), and run with a half-gallon of fuel (about 4 lbs). 360-187-15-4=154. I concluded that a Tonykart with a Yamaha (spec pipe) weighs about 150 without fuel.

Perhaps I’m a bit off in my calculation, but it seems pretty close.