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Leo Ahearn

Cole – sorry for the late response – I was away from my personal computer for a few days and did not have my login info for this site with me.

I have made several posts over on the colorado karter portal re: running an LO206 at Centennial.

I will be there this Saturday when the gates open.  Not sure who else will be.

Gearing – Jim and I are both running 219 chains and gears, so if you are running a 35 you’ll need to translate.  For up hill, a ratio of about 3.72 seems to be perfect.  For down hill I was hitting the rev limiter prior to mid-straight, but this could change when I add weight.  I plan to test a 3.63 gear for downhill at full weight and see what it does to lap times.

Clutch – I would have the springs and knowhow to get your at rest RPMs to be 3600-3800 (will be 3400 full engagement when on the track rolling) but it would be interesting to test your slippier setup as well.

I have an extra 35 chain if you need it and some extra 35 gears.  Also, Action Karting has 35 and 219 sprockets on hand that you can pick up on your way down if need be, or I can swing over and grab a sprocket or two for you.  You might end up with slightly used but fully functional gears from them depending on the tooth count, but I would not hesitate to put a good used sprocket on.

my email is ljahearn       at        me      dot com – shoot me a message here or at that email if you want to trade phone numbers.  Hope to see you Saturday!!! Leo.