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Robert Horvath

And a update PS > On my Telemetry system :       
Although the telemetry system can read back all the engine’s parameters….I probably will just do the “EGT” And  “GPs Speed” (self contained) as the rest are somewhat irrelevant to our type of shifter racing.
This way I can quickly transfer the small engine transmitter feedback unit  from kart to kart with just one “Y” connection  to the same Aim / MyChron EGT sensor that’s already installed most shifters anyway.
And get all the Karts in our little group dialed in on exhaust temp.
The photo below : Is of the Remote control Tilly Carb (36mm), Receiver, Servos and Battery all being fully self contained on the HW-24 carb itself.
It fits fine on the Honda CR125 with a specially made by my nephew (Barry) Tilly intake manifold and room to spare !
  photo DSCN7248.jpg

Below is a photo of the small engine transmitter feedback unit. reading back to a laptop.
 1.5  mile range

 photo DSCN7250.jpg

or to a small portable hand held read out unit like below :

 photo DSCN7263.jpg

Ocono Bob
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