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Peter Zambos

Chad, I believe that that event was the only time that seals were broken as a part of regular post race tech.  As you stated, both Dave Larsen and post-tech have been reasonable enough in the past that, unless they feel they have a strong enough reason, they leave the seals well enough alone, so if you bring your position to their attention on a case by case basis, they typically wave the more encompassing tech.  Listen, even though the seals are a good thing, as far as I’m concerned, I still think that breaking them for tech once in a blue moon is a good idea to make sure that each builder is still playing nice.

No one but the builder who built your FR125 in the first place should reseal it, apart from the tech that broke it down in the first place, as the resealer is vouching for the legality of every last little thing that is close off by the seal. Now Perry knows that he should have a few seals with him.  Of course, you could always have your Rotax built by L.A.D. and you would have no worries about that. :)  If you really think that CES is going to reimburse you for the cost of the seal in the economic climate in which they function, I believe you will be   disappointed.  SKUSA had their own issues on whether or not to honor the seals and there was incessant complaining.  As you may have noticed, SKUSA no longer runs the FR125.  Draw your own conclusions.