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Rob Kozakowski

Walt, I think some of the A&D in Ontario is a lot better than most of the stuff we are familiar with.

Anyways, Ontario has a great LO206 program right now, and it’s growing all across Canada.  The great thing about it is there is a big mix of VERY good drivers as well as plenty of guys just starting out.  Although it’s a great entry-level class, it also attracts a lot of experienced guys because it is so simple, cheap and fun.  It might be a bit slower, but it’s not slow, and everyone else is going the same speed anyways, so there’s good racing.  Point being, there will be someone at your level to race with, no matter how good (or bad) you are, which will make it way more fun than jumping into a Rotax and potentially getting blown away for your first season.

Walt’s advice about chassis is more geared to the US market.  Up here in Canada, it’s a bit different.  Get yourself a proper 4-cycle chassis, made to be run at 50″ wide with a lower hp engine, made for a sit up seat, CIK bodywork, and 6″ wide rear tires, rather than a 2-cycle kart, or a US-WKA-style “gold-cup” kart.

In Ontario, the bigger names in 4-cycle are (in no particular order) K&K, Birel, CRG, Tony, Arrow, Margay, OK1/Intrepid/Praga, and a few others.  You can’t really go wrong with any of them.  Check out the links on ekartingnews.ca to a lot of the dealers in Ontario.