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Jon Romenesko

The 2-strokes we use in karting tend to be pretty high strung, so as a result you generally have to spend a lot to keep them running their best. They are racing engines after all!  And then there’s the fact that the faster classes use stickier tires, more expensive fuel & oil (and more of it), etc…


2-strokes have also been the norm for karting for many years, so they’re more widely raced across the world. It’s not really that they bring the higher quality drivers, it’s more that it’s what’s raced at the national/international level. I’d wager most of the people on this forum race a 2-stroke.  The LO206 is a great place to start, and if I had to do it all over again it’s where I’d start too.  It will give you an opportunity to work on your driving rather than trying to figure out how to tune a carb, rebuild a top end, etc…the learning curve can be very steep when you’re starting out, so anything helps.  if you find yourself looking for a new challenge, or a faster kart after a few years, that’s when I would start looking at 2-strokes.

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