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Stephen Lamana


That could go both ways. Obviously you’re not at fault in any way shape or form. But if the box looks like its been re-taped and destroyed like a typical USPS package then maybe stuff did fall out, but I don’t see why they would repack it with wire and deliver it. In my experience with all shipping companies when the box gets a hole or opens up, they put it in a different pile and send it to a main “hub” where it sits forever. Once that happens insurance takes effect and they send you money.  So by him not having insurance you can do 2 things. Ask for him to send you a refund and you’ll send the item back, or file a claim with the shipping company and have them assess the damage and maybe they will still cover it with out insurance (UPS does but it takes forever). Since its USPS I would plan on waiting a while for a reply, you know the government…

Then again, he could have just stiffed you. File a claim with paypal maybe? If thats how you paid.