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Robert Horvath

You brought up some good points and I can’t find fault with any of them.
I’m so old (age 69) I’ve grown old along with the fun sport of karting all my life.
It’s the same  old story >  First a lawn mower engine -Then a West Bend-Then some Mac 6s and 10s & on & on.
But maybe the best years (1980) were like you say > My two girls on two Yamaha karts fitted with the KT-100 and me on a Zip Kart with a KT-100
Very inexpensive Karting back then with that equipment.
But now myself and my close friends (and I’m not trying to tell other karters what to do)  We just want to see how far we can take a Honda CR125 shifter —Cost not being a factor within some sort of reason.
Ocono Bob
I’ve posted this you youtube before ..But it’s always fun to watch again:

Link :