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Lance Duhon

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Ideally the chassis should be made no longer than 6 months before the race.

So I need to buy a new kart every 6 months if I want to be competitive in the 206 class?

NO The great thing about karting is that it all depends on that movable weight that goes behind the wheel. A driver like Jimmy McNeil and TJ Koyen, or others that race national events or every weekend, will tell the difference in their kart as it gets older. For me, and the majority of the racers in the sport, who are just weekend warriors, won’t tell the difference. That’s what is great about the LO206 program, you can start out with a 10 year old kart to fit your budget. But if you have the cash for something new, go for it. The engine will still perform the same on either chassis, so it comes down to what the driver and mechanic can do to make the entire package fast. Don’t let Rob fool you. He’s done a few races in a 10 year old kart up in Canada, and were just as fast, if not faster, than guys who just went out and bought the latest model. Myself, I ran a 2010 Birel and a 2013 Victory Kart at Rock Island. My pace was about the same in both.


Thanks for the clarification and thats what I thought.