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Pete Muller

I’m with Steve: I enjoy playing with high-technology ideas and solutions, however karting’s down-turn in participation was actually brought on by the feverish attempts to make it a spectator sport (aka: “stepping stone to higher levels of racing”).

Class fragmentation, sticky (expensive) tires, bodywork, and the above mentioned attempts by various “promotional organizations” to make karting into “something bigger” have clearly contributed to the steady decline of participation in the sport.

Additional challenges have been things like the price of real estate (tracks), insurance costs brought on by an increasingly litigious society, and the price of travel (gasoline, etc.).

For my money, a direct-drive KT-100 powered sprint kart with no bodywork and running fairly hard tires is the ultimate “fun for the dollar” machine. To me, racing is racing… doesn’t really matter whether I go around a corner at 60mph, or 45mph, as long as we’re all in the same equipment.

That said, your development project is a really neat combination of some existing technologies with some new thinking, which has led to a really clever solution. As Steve mentioned: it’s a great idea for use on a dyno.