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tony zambos

+1 on TJ’s comment.  With the Rotax, you will be setting the carb up in the pits rather than adjusting on the track. At the track, you might have to change the main jet a couple of times a race day. You didn’t mention how much racing experience you’ve had. Adjusting the carb on the fly might be a distraction for a newbie racer.  As far as maintenace, both engines are going to require pulling the clutch drum off to grease its bearing, expect if you’re running an eleven tooth driver on the Rotax.  The carbs on both will have to be maintained. For the Leopard, a new gasket set once in awhile, check the pop-off, fulcrum height and you’re good. On the Rotax, the carb will have to be dismantaled and cleaned, plus the fuel pump will need be rebuilt. Two more maint items on the Rotax will be checking the RAVE valve for smooth operation and replace the exhaust packing.  You could put a sticker on the pipe to let you know when it needs replacing.  The Leopard doesn’t have those maint items.  None of the maint items on either engine is difficult.

Hoping you will enjoy your karting experience, so one suggestion.  Is there a less horse power engine you would concider.  If you’ve have no prior racing, you might be more comfortable with a slightly slower class. The engine wound be the big thing in the begining, learning how to drive and kart setup will.

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