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Robert Lawson

Good News….

Spoke with the Management at Grattan today.

Got the “snow report” from Sam, he said the accumulation is now down by 50% from where it was just a week or so ago. He seemed confident it would be cleared up but is concerned about the deep frost and drainage of the melting snow. Thus far what has melted has not puddled and the grounds continue to absorb it.

More good news…..

The rumor of new or remodeled restrooms for this season is realized! Each of the Men’s and Ladies rooms will be 50% larger and contain PRIVATE shower/dressing stalls! With the rest of the remodel it is welcomed and long overdue. We will be the first to see the new restrooms, I think I’m more excited about that than driving the kart!!!!!

I’ll be in regular contact with Sam and will pass any updates along as I get them.