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Ian, I am inpressed and so glad I was not the only one who thought this should happen.

I feel that this has so many advantages as oppose to the conventional arrangement,

With the intake being in the front you can get more of a ram air effect, a decent NACA duct on top of the side pods.

A more compact package mean not only better aero, with the muffler tucked behind, but one could in theory put 2 smaller radiators in the side pods (a la F1 or Indy) and eliminate the large rear radiator and thus eliminate  the “parachute” effect.

Having existine Honda components is a big plus for ease of acceptability and familiarity, not to mention would be a big plus for the Honda spec peeps.

I know its not polite to ask, but what are you looking at for cost per unit?

I know feel I am one step closer to moving forward with this adventure!




PS Just curious as to the steering wheel set up, could you show /explain more?