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Robbie Nelson

First autocross report:

It was very cold and threatening to rain/snow.  Which makes for a miserable day.

I believe the cold weather (high 30s) was affecting the carb jetting.  At high RPM and full throttle, the engine seemed to break up a bit.  Since I didn’t have a jet kit, I didn’t think I could make any adjustments.  However, in hind sight I think I could have.  Since we’re running the slide restrictor to about 1/2 throttle, I believe a needle clip position would help quite a bit.  Thoughts?

Something is making a banging noise during launch and you can see the chain jumping around.  The kids both said that it made noises when you got on and off the throttle.  I think this is a symptom of the clutch needing broke in.  Perhaps a lapping day is in order?

Robbie Nelson