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Greg Nelson

Wow, I knew this season was full of changes, well this gives us somewhat of an idea what to expect.
Qualifying and Race Points race #1
1-Paul Hir 47 pts Nice job Paul!
2-Larry Andrews 41 pts
3-Greg Dzielinski 40 pts
4-JD Gomez 38 pts
5-Francois Brun-Wibuax 34 pts with 5 bonus points for picking the winner.
6-Greg Nelson 30 pts
7-Jim Derrig 13 pts

As Jim requested, if no one else objects with a good reason, then this will count for the season, As for anyone that missed joining in on this race, it’s only one of 19 (/), you have plenty of chances to get in this thing, Paul had no points after qualifying and now leads with good race points paying choices.

Jim, the engines remind me of a V-6 Chevy Citation with a clogged and wet air filter and fouled plugs from running diesel, LOL, horrible. It’s too late now, unless they institute a change at summer break and allow development testing immediately, but the first thing they need to change for ’15 is the single turbo and the electric motor for it, let them run twin turbos and no motor for it, it would reduce complexity and probably sound better.