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Greg Nelson

After Q, points (I probably won’t do this each race)
Qualifying Race
1-Larry Andrews 4 pts (Ham 1st, Ros 3rd)
2-Greg Dzielinski 3 pts (Ham 1st)
2-JD Gomez 3 pts (Ham 1st)
2-Jim Derrig 3 pts (Ham 1st)
5-Greg Nelson 1 pt (Ros 3rd)
6-Francois Brun- 0 pts
7-Paul Hir 0 pts

With only 7 players, should we make this a test run and start the season next race or go ahead and start now, if any last comers join, then, they missed a race or 2?
Also, should we do like Larry did and if you forget to pick a race, your last race picks are used?